• Living in Harmony with Nature

    For the first time in human history we have the means to live in harmony with nature! As things stand now we are not, we cannot live in harmony with nature, or each other, because we are not living in harmony ourselves. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements and commercials urging us to buy this… [Continue Reading]

    Living in Harmony with Nature
  • The Cost of Pollution

    Pollution affects everyone! Who benefits from pollution? Fewer government regulations mean more pollution and hence bigger profits for ruthless corporations and their investors. Thus, corporations seeking to maximize profits accept pollution as an unfortunate consequence of doing business. As a result, pollution has become a ubiquitous part of our life. Pollution is in our homes… [Continue Reading]

    The Cost of Pollution
  • Global Warming

    Rapid climate change has engulfed planet Earth!Global warming is misnomer. Rapid climate change is more accurate. Some places are wetter or colder, but most are hotter and drier as evidenced widespread record temperatures and prolonged droughts. The problem is accelerating in both magnitude and speed, yet humanity has in large part chosen to turn a… [Continue Reading]

    Global Warming
  • Join Us!

    Join us in our quest to save the world! Join us in our quest to live in harmony with nature and each other. Join the Green Guard and make a difference. Under normal circumstances nature can heal the earth. It would take millions of years but the forces of nature would eventually cleanse the earth… [Continue Reading]

    Join Us!
  • The Green Guard Newsletter

    Feeling the pulse of a wounded planet! Are we facing the decline and eventual fall of human civilization? No one wants to believe that the earth is in trouble and that we are the cause. The evidence, however, is clear. The evidence is all around us. If you are one of the poor souls caught… [Continue Reading]

    The Green Guard Newsletter
  • Getting Started

    Join the Green Guard and Save the World!There are many good things going on in the world right now but the destruction of the earth is unprecedented and accelerating. Is there anything more important than saving the world? Join us and make a difference. Learn about the issues, play the Green Guard Game, and your… [Continue Reading]

    Getting Started

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