• Personal Care

    Beware what you put on your skin!What you put on your skin is almost as important as what you put in your body. Personal care products are laden with iffy ingredients, chemically allowed by law by known toxins and carcinogens.

    Personal Care
  • Longevity

    Learn how to grow old gracefully! Old age need not be feared, if you embrace it gracefully. Not even death should be fear, if you understand that it is simply a transition, like moving from the first floor of your home up to the second. There are many secrets to growing old gracefully and we… [Continue Reading]

  • Healing

    Healing come from within! Healing comes from within. Healing is a natural capacity of all living things. If you have a spiritual orientation, healing comes from God, or at the very least from our spirit, which is the power that gives us life. If you have a scientific or material perspective, healing is an innate… [Continue Reading]

  • Health

    Health is Earned! For most people, health is earned. Most of us are born healthy. As we age most of us will suffer from various maladies and some of us will suffer from unforeseen accidents.

  • Join Us!

    On our quest to look good, feel better, and live longer! It’s never too late to start living a fuller, healthier life. It’s never too late to start your healing journey. Every step you take now leads to a healthier, longer life. For some, health and healing may be a long journey. For others, joining… [Continue Reading]

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    Your window into the wonderful world of natural health and healing! Receiving a free copy of the Healthy Alternatives newsletter is easy. Simply enter your email address below and you will automatically receive insightful articles about common health conditions, programming tips, tools, and techniques to enhance your health and accelerate your healing.  Issues include details… [Continue Reading]

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  • Getting Started

    Are you ready to work for your health and healing? The Healthy Alternatives website is part of the Brighter Bubbles Network. It is dedicated to helping you live a long and healthy life, and to heal from many of the challenges life throws at you from time to time.

    Getting Started

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